CV / Alf Kristian Støyle

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Kodemagiker med 16 års erfaring

Tech lead for utvikling av nytt Nordisk system for budleveranser.
BN Bolig
Full stack utvikler og devops for ny innovativ meglerløsning.
Hafslund Strøm
App-, backendutvikler og devops i home automation prosjekt.

Alf Kristian is a role model developer. He is technical to his finger tips, with a deep understanding of how code runs on a computer. He is up-to-date on which tools work well, and shines with experience and lessons learned. He is unafraid in his approach to new technology, eager to learn and always get better. But he is so much more than a technologist; he is selfless, setting aside personal development goals for the greater good of the team and the customer. He has passion for the project, and compassion for his teammates, doing what he can to strengthen the team.
Robin Skoglund, Tech lead, web, Posten/Bring